Today we had a sunny springday with 18°C (62°F). Talking about climate change...! But there have been Februaries (is there such a word? ) like this before and they usually have been followed by extremely cold and dreadful spring- and summertimes. I don't expect this though. Last year was the same. I believe this is just he beginning. Well, I can do very well without cold winters, here in Nuremberg we don't get much snow anyway, only rain. I definitely prefer it this way...!

And they say it will stay like this for at least a week!

8.2.08 17:01
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Maryan / Website (8.2.08 20:15)
Hello Nanna,

we had sunny 6° C today - does that count as springtime...? Well, I enjoyed it, at least it smelled like spring!

Have a sunny weekend!

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